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Study Korean Vocabulary Words | Korean Quiz for Beginners

Study Korean Vocabulary Words
Study Korean Vocabulary Words

Try our entertaining Korean quizzes and put your Korean language abilities to the test today. Vocabulary tests are included in our Korean quizzes. Start these Korean study vocabulary quizzes for Korean learners to test their understanding of study vocabulary. Show the result when the quiz is completed.

  • 쉽다 = easy
  • 어렵다 = difficult
  • 공부하다 = to study
  • 사전을 찾다 = to look up the dictionary
  • 학원에 다니다 = to go to an academy
  • 예습하다 = to preview
  • 복습하다 = to review
  • 인터넷 강의를 듣다 = to take online courses
  • CD를 듣다 = to listen to a CD
  • 따라 하다 = to repeat after

Study (공부)

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