Korean Weather and Seasons Vocabulary | Vocabulary Quizzes

Korean Weather and Seasons Vocabulary
Korean Weather and Seasons Vocabulary

Weather vocabulary in Korean, In this basic Korean vocabulary lesson, we will learn about Korean weather and Korean seasons. Start these Korean weather and seasons vocabulary for Korean learners to test their understanding of weather and seasons vocabulary. Show the result when the quiz is completed.

비가 오다 = to rain
눈이 오다 = to snow
바람이 불다 = to be windy
그치다 = to stop
날씨가 좋다 = the weather is good
날씨가 나쁘다 = the weather is bad
맑다 = clear
흐리다 = cloudy
따뜻하다 = warm
덥다 = hot
시원하다 = cool
춥다 = cold
봄 = spring
여름 = summer
가을 = fall/ autumn
겨울 = winter


날씨와 계절

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