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Korean Medical Vocabulary | Korean Quiz for Beginners

Korean Medical Vocabulary
Korean Medical Vocabulary

This is the first in a series on illnesses, symptoms, and medical terms in Korean. Knowing them can be quite useful if you need to visit the hospital. Start these Korean medical vocabulary quizzes for Korean learners to test their understanding of medical vocabulary. Show the result when the quiz is completed.

  • 내과 = internal medicine/clinic
  • 정형외과 = orthopedic office
  • 치과 = dentistry
  • 안과 = ophthalmology
  • 이비인후과 = otolaryngology
  • 피부과 = dermatology
  • 산부인과 = ob/gyn (obstetrics+gynecology)
  • 소아과 = pediatrics

Symptoms (증상)

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