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Korean Household Vocabulary | Korean Vocabulary Quiz

Korean Household Vocabulary
Korean Household Vocabulary

Korean Home Vocabulary Vocabulary for the Home/House in Korean Impress your Korean friends by learning the fundamentals of K-pop and K-dramas. Start these Korean household vocabulary quizzes for Korean learners to test their understanding of household vocabulary. Show the result when the quiz is completed.

  • 장을 보다 = to go grocery shopping
  • 밥을 하다(짓다) = to cook rice
  • 음식을 만들다 = to cook
  • 설거지를 하다 = to do the dishes
  • 밥솥 = rice cooker
  • 냄비 = pot
  • 프라이팬 = frying pan
  • 주방세제 = dishwasher detergents
  • 빨래를 하다 = to do laundry
  • 세탁기를 돌리다 = to run the washer
  • 빨래를 널다 = to hang out the wash
  • 빨래를 걷다 = to bring in laundry
  • 옷을 다리다 = to iron clothes
  • 옷을 개다 = to fold clothes
  • 세탁세제 = detergent
  • 다리미 = iron

Household chores (집안일)

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