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Korean Hobby Vocabulary | Korean Words for Hobbies

Korean Hobby Vocabulary
Korean Hobby Vocabulary

Begin learning Korean Vocabulary; Hobbies With quizzes, you may learn new vocabulary, terminology, and more. Start these Korean hobby vocabulary quizzes for Korean learners to test their understanding of hobbies vocabulary. Show the result when the quiz is completed.

독서하다 = to read
낚시하다 = to go fishing
여행하다 = to travel
등산하다 = to hike
사진을 찍다 = to take pictures
외국어를 배우다 = to learn foreign languages
콘서트를 보다 = to go for a concert
운동 경기를 보다 = to watch sports games
음악을 듣다 = to listen to music
기타를 치다 = to play the guitar
피아노를 치다 = to play the piano
춤을 추다 = to dance


Hobbies (취미)

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